What is an OTO Or One Time Offer?

A one time offer (OTO) is one of the most powerful tools for gaining profit after the initial offering of a product or service. An OTO shows up after moneycraft oto the front end item is either purchased or declined by the customer and only once is it given. The deal is not made available everywhere and is not the same sale offered at a discounted price.

Many businesspeople make the mistake of attempting to turn everything that they have in stock into a one time offer. This is a certain formula for failure. Winning one time offers happens most when the OTO is related to the original offer.

An example may be to provide an e-book on pet training skills and then the offer would be a visual or video product which shows a dog instructor in action. The OTO can be specific, or in the online marketing field, a general offer might be to provide the MRR (Master Resell Rights) to the item just purchased.

In comparison to an upsell which generally costs only sixty percent of the cost of the original offer, an OTO will generally cost anywhere from forty to one hundred and forty percent more than the actual offer. The concept behind the this type of offer is that your website visitors are already purchasers, therefore getting them to expend more of their money on your OTO is now moving them along the pathway they are already on.

If you are to do well with your one time offers, ensure that the deal which you are providing is not on offer somewhere else, or if it is, it is not at the same price. A OTO functions best if you control and own the item. In this way, you can make sure that nobody is legally providing your one time offer as a main product.

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